Lady Hope
Sire: Chien DeGarde
Dam: Ironhide’s Red Hot Twlight
Whelped: 05/03/17

Call Name

Angle, Chubs, & Punsie

4 Panel health tested and clear

Pedigree of ” Shell Creek’s  “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

SIRE:     Ironhide’s Lil’ Meko


SIRE: Jax Brilliant In Gold For Utopia Bully’s
NP40951507 BRDL
Sire:     Shrinkabulls Moon Shine
NP36365711 (01-16) BRDL & WH WH MKGS
DAM:  Betty Boop For Utopia Bullys
NP40895007 (01-16) BRDL
DAM:     Chromi Bulls Blue Spell Belle
NP40916003 FN
Date whelped: 08/17/2015
Breeder Amanda C.
Sire:    Bam Sham A Lam
NP34995502 (01-16) BRDL
AKC DNA #V742532
DAM:    Chromi Bulls shady Lady
NP35344701 (06-15) GR & WH
DAM:     Shell Creek’s Lil’ Cajun Angle SIRE:     Chien De Garde
Sire:     CH. Relentless Jedi of The Force
Dam:     K9 star Princess Peanut
DAM:     Ironhide’s Red Hot Twlight
NP42068605 FN
Sire:     NH Knucklehead Nash
NP37020301 (05-16)
AKC DNA# V774765
Dam:     NH Red Hot Ruby
NP34923301 (03-15) FN BLK MSK